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Prince William’s True Feelings About His Life As A Dad Have Been Finally Revealed, And His Words Are Nothing Like You’d Expect

April 25, 2018

Life as they know it has changed forever. The world-famous royal duo, Prince William and Kate Middleton, welcomed their third child to the family on April 23, 2018. Aside from the fact that Kate was noticeably pregnant, they kept all other details concerning the unborn child rather quiet.

Many speculated they would be having twins, while others were valiantly on “team boy” or “team girl” for the gender. In typical, royal fashion, the couple did not announce the gender publicly until the child was born.

There was a great deal of built up anticipation about all aspects of the birth from the gender to the name and to even the due date. After a ten-hour labor, Kate and William were able to pass along the news that a healthy baby boy was born!

There has been so much excitement around the globe as people rejoice with the family on this addition to the family. Four-year-old big brother, Prince George, and two-year-old big sister, Princess Charlotte, were giddy with excitement as they passed the cheery crowds and made their way up the steps to the Lindo Wing to see their mother and their baby brother.

Any time a child is born into a family, the dynamics undoubtedly shift. Adding an additional human into the mix changes everything, and it takes time for everyone to adjust to their new roles.

For the proud mom and dad, they know that in the early stages of life, they’ll be running low on sleep! Having three children under the age of five is no easy undertaking, and Prince William even let his feelings slip a bit concerning that matter.

While making their leave from St. Mary’s Hospital, the couple refrained from making any public statements. The Prince, however, made a few comments as he made his way to the vehicle. Those in the nearby crowd heard him say that they were “very happy, delighted” about their little one.

William also made a humorous remark about debuting the young prince, saying, “we didn’t keep you waiting long.” The thing that brought the most attention, though was his final comment before leaving. He held up three fingers and mouthed, “Thrice worry now.”

This comment, alone, is enough to prove that this seasoned dad knows just how much work a little one can be and, having two other small children, make for no easy task. Thankfully, he and Kate have already proven to be excellent parents, and we know that in no time at all they’ll get the hang of having a trio of royal children.


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