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Princess Eugenie Marries Her Prince In Fairytale Wedding, But People Can't Stop Talking About One Tiny Detail That You Probably Missed

October 12, 2018

Secret Message Princess Eugenie Sent By Wedding Gown Choice, Leaving Thousands Encouraged And Inspired

As the world watched the granddaughter of Britain's Queen Elizabeth marry her Prince Charming, we were taken aback by the splendor, the pageantry, and most of all...the wedding gown. And when she stepped out of the limo to walk up the steps of St. George’s chapel on the arm of her father, Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie gave us our first real look at the gorgeous Peter Piletto creation.

And we got a good look at something else many of us were not expecting: an enormous scar that runs down the center of her back!

She could not have looked more stunning in the off-white, off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved frock. “The dress has a neckline that folds along the shoulders and features a low back. It was constructed through several fittings and features a corset, underskirt, fitted bodice, and full pleated skirt. As well as a jacquard weave of silk, cotton, and viscose blend.”

But the one feature that was a special request by the Princess was that the back should be low-cut so her scar shows during the wedding! Seems like an unusual request, considering most brides choose a dress that hides imperfections rather than highlighting them.

But for Princess Eugenie, the scar is a symbol of hope and triumph and she wanted to give encouragement and honor to others who suffer from the same malady she does. The scar is the result of surgery she underwent 16 years ago after being diagnosed with the spinal deformity known as Scoliosis.


"Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person's spine has a sideways curve. The curve is usually ’S’- or ‘C’-shaped. In some, the degree of curve is stable, while in others, it increases over time."

In Eugenie’s case, her condition was diagnosed when she was 12 years old while she was swimming, and it wasn’t long before she had surgery to correct the malformation.

“My surgeons inserted 8-inch titanium rods into each side of my spine and 1.5-half inch screws at the top of my neck," Princess Eugenie wrote in an essay published on the RNOH website earlier this year. "After three days in intensive care, I spent a week on a ward and six days in a wheelchair, but I was walking again after that.

"My back problems were a huge part of my life, as they would be for any 12-year-old. Children can look at me now and know that the operation works. I’m living proof of the ways in which the hospital can change people’s lives."

And the beautiful princess stayed true to her word and displayed her commitment to Scoliosis awareness for all the world to see on the biggest day of her life - her wedding day!.

Jan Lehovsky, a spinal surgeon who was part of the team who operated on the princess in 2002, said: "Most of the patients affected by scoliosis are young girls and she's a real role model for them.


"She's someone who can inspire them, which is so important for the young ladies coming through the surgery."

Thank you, Princess Eugenie, for allowing some of your attention to be shared to highlight an important cause, and for thinking of all the young girls out there who look up to you. And congratulations on your marriage. We wish you and Jack the very best of everything in the years to come.


To learn more about the new Mrs. Brooksbank’s journey with scoliosis, watch the video, below.

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