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The Queen And Prince Philip’s Mysterious Absence From Prince Louis’ Christening Is Not Sitting Well With Us. Here’s Why

July 09, 2018

It was a day the entire Royal Family had been looking forward to ever since the end of April. Now it is here and two notable Royals have raised eyebrows across the globe - with their absence.

In a completely bewildering move, the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip have skipped the christening of their great-grandchild, Prince Louis. The no-show is shocking for a number of reasons, especially since the Queen and her husband have appeared in public a number of times during recent weeks.

The Monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh have never missed a christening of one of their great-grandchildren, so to stop the tradition at this juncture seems a bit odd. Everyone’s first thought was that one or both of them had fallen ill.

It is widely known that Prince Philip, 97, underwent a hip replacement in April and that the Queen, 92, has had both a cataract operation and a viral infection in recent weeks. She is also, reportedly, plagued by chronic knee pain but refuses to have surgery to repair it.

Even though the Palace has indicated that the couple’s absence is NOT due to health issues, we tend to be a bit suspicious that it might still be something along those lines. After all, what on earth could keep the doting great-grandparents away from such a momentous occasion?

On a deeply personal level, it seems as though the pair would move heaven an earth to be there.(Below, a photograph of the Queen and Prince Philip at Princess Charlotte’s christening three years ago)


Another curious thought: The Queen is the head of the Church of England and, as such, has a role that extends far and wide. And since little Louis’ christening marks his entrance into the fellowship of the Anglican Church, wouldn’t it seem reasonable that the head of the denomination is in attendance? Unless, of course, that she is unable to, physically.

But recent evidence belies the likelihood that the pair is in ill health. Just a week before the christening, the Queen and Prince Philip had been seen chatting and laughing at the Royal Windsor Cup polo match. Neither seemed particularly frail or ill, and Philip looked more robust than he has in months.

Many people wonder why they would choose to attend a sporting event and forgo a family one. It is possible that one of them took ill in the days since, leading to the unfortunate cancellation.

Whatever the reason for the Queen and her Consort's absence from the family ceremony, we are at a loss to think of any reason - other than illness or injury - that would be compelling enough for them to disappoint their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Can you?

We certainly hope that nothing serious is wrong and that the senior royal duo just had to make a tough decision based on their schedules. As family-oriented as the matriarch and patriarch of the Windsor Family have proven themselves to be, it just seems very out-of-character for them to not find some way to attend.

That’s why we can’t help but worry, in spite of Royal reassurances to the contrary.

And, we have to admit, that our disappointment is, at least in part, a bit selfish. We were hoping to see the entire family together for the first time, with a photograph that would have certainly gone down in history. Here’s hoping that we still have the chance to see that day - in the not-too-distant future!


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