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Queen Elizabeth Caught Doing The Most Shocking Activity Only 1 Day After Her 92nd Birthday Celebration! The Pictures Will Leave In Awe

April 24, 2018

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 92nd birthday only one day before the arrival of her great-grandson, the Duke and Duchess’ third child (whose name is still yet to be released). Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning and longest living monarch in the history of the world but shockingly enough, you’d never know by looking at her!

Queen Elizabeth, who celebrated her 92nd birthday on April 22nd (Her Majesty’s actual birthday is April 21st, 2018), stunned everyone when she appeared dressed to the nines and partied the night away with some of the world’s biggest names in music!

The Queen and a couple hundred of her closest friends and family members partied the night away with laughter, drinks, and entertainment.

After such an epic birthday bash, you’d expect the recent 92-year-old to take a couple days off for some much-needed rest and relaxation. However, Queen Elizabeth isn’t your average 92-year-old. Not even a little bit!

The day after her birthday celebration, the Queen woke early and set out to do something truly shocking! While she had just spent the night partying her life, and her grandson and granddaughter were minutes away from welcoming their third child, the Queen geared up to go horseback riding!

Seriously! We’re not making this up! Only one day after her birthday, the 92-year-old Queen was photographed doing what she loves most: riding her horse through Windsor Castle!

Her Majesty was captured casually riding her cherished black Fell pony, Carltonlima Emma, alongside her trusty riding companion, Head Groom Terry Pendry. In the brisk morning, Her Majesty enjoyed the day after birthday patiently awaiting the news of her great-grandchild.

Queen Elizabeth might be the longest living monarch in the history of the world, but there is nothing slowing her down! If she can rise and shine for a morning of horseback riding after a night of epic celebration, then what can’t she do?!

The Queen was delighted to learn the news of her newest great-grandson, and from the looks of her stamina, we’re sure she loved on him all day once he got home.

Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth! You amaze us more and more every day!


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