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Queen Elizabeth Dishes On Who The Real Boss Is In The Family Is And It’s The Last Person You’d Suspect

March 21, 2018

In the Royal Household, everyone knows their place. It goes without saying that the Queen is the one who is completely in charge and everyone else falls in line, respectively. Once a new member joins the family, whether by birth or by marriage, they quickly learn who to take orders from.

As in most families, you’ll occasionally have a family member who has more leadership qualities and isn’t afraid to speak out about their opinions. The British Royal Family happens to have one of those, and it’s the last person you’d expect it to be.

The one who rules the roost there is none other than Princess Charlotte! This adorably spunky two-year-old cutie has already taken notes from her beloved great-grandmother by starting to take charge at a young age. According to the Queen, Charlotte already tells her big brother what to do.

At one official outing, Queen Elizabeth elaborated on the matter. When speaking to a young 10-year-old girl, the Queen asked if she looked after her younger 6-year-old sister. Their mother jokingly chimed in, saying, “It’s the other way around.” I can only imagine how the Queen might have lightly chuckled before saying, “It’s like that with Charlotte and George.”

Charlotte not only knows how to take the lead but also exudes confidence even at such a young age. She’s excelling in preschool and has a bright future ahead of her. If she keeps this up, she’ll be a young version of her great-grandmother in no time at all!


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