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Queen Elizabeth Has Made Over $9 Million From The Most Shocking Side Job Ever

March 16, 2018

The British Royal Family is valued at over $95 billion. That’s billion, with a “B.” As one of the most influential and popular families in the world, their worth is only growing. Especially with the extra gig that the matriarch herself is doing!

Queen Elizabeth is valued at over $530 Million! While she’s is the longest reigning monarch in the history of the world, she been known to dabble in a little side job as well…

The Queen has made over $9 million ($9,372,441 to be exact) in 30 years from her shocking side hustle: horse racing!

Queen Elizabeth has always had a heart towards animals, but her love and passion for horses go far beyond simple affection. While $9 million is small in comparison to $530 million, it’s still a pretty hefty side income.

In 2013, the Queen’s horse won Gold Cup at Ascot. Then in 2016 alone, Her Majesty won $775,325. She often spends any free time she has admiring the horses and even visiting them at their training facilities.

While Her Majesty lives a busy life, she always makes time to see her horses compete. This year, her horses have yet to win, but she’s hopeful since it’s still early in the year.

Queen Elizabeth adores the magnificent creatures more than most. Her passion started long ago when she was just a little girl. Her first pony, Peggy, changed her life forever.  Today, at 91 years old, Her Majesty still rides her personal horse as often as she can!


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