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Queen Elizabeth Is Immediately Pushing Meghan Markle To The Limits With Her New Demand, And Many Wonder If She Will Be Able To Handle It

June 05, 2018

Getting married is a massive life transition. You have spent your entire life focusing on your own wants and needs and, suddenly, you’re faced with the realization that your desires are no longer number one.

You now have someone else in which you have to think about. Not only is that a large adjustment, but learning how to fit into a new family can often be a daunting task.

Will they willingly accept you as one of their own? Will they love you from the start or will you have to earn your place in the group? These variables can make for a tense time if not handled carefully.

When Meghan Markle knew she would officially be part of the British royal family, these thoughts certainly crossed her mind. As we all know, this is no ordinary family in which to join, and the politics are out the roof.

Now that she’s an official member of the family, her task is far from over. Not only did she have to “win over” the entire group, but she had to undergo special training to become a royal member of the family.


Queen Elizabeth has her in six months worth of lessons to learn all the ropes on what it takes to be an efficiently functioning member of the family. Now, just weeks after her “I do’s,” she’s been tasked with the biggest challenge of all, leaving many to wonder if she’s ready for what’s to come.

On June 14th, Meghan will be making her second debut as a royal, but this time, it’s not with her hubby, Prince William. The new Duchess of Sussex will be accompanying Queen Elizabeth on a 165-mile road trip.

According to sources, “They will travel to Chester, England, 165 miles northwest of London, to unveil a new bridge, open the Storyhouse Theater, and visit Chester Town Hall for lunch.” This will be her first time traveling solo with Queen Elizabeth, and they’re starting things off with a bang.

Only time will tell just how Meghan and the Queen will get along, but our hope is that their relationship will blossom more than ever before on this trip. We want nothing more than to see Meghan become a powerful, functioning member of the palace. With a start like this, it’s safe to say we’ll likely be getting the outcome in which we’ve wanted all along.


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