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Queen Elizabeth’s Most Bizarre Habit Finally Exposed, And People Now Have The Real Answers About Her They’ve Wanted For So Long

June 07, 2018

The news is full of many things, positive and negative. Sadly enough, the bad often outweighs the good. There is more attention drawn to the devastation and drama that swirls around the most powerful people in the world and the good tidbits of information never seem to break through.

As of late, there has been an influx of good and it primarily stems from none other than the British Royal Family. They have completely taken the world by storm as of late and we can’t seem to get enough of them.

They’ve breathed a fresh new take into the world and people want to know every single detail about their lives. One of the most famous members of the family is, without a doubt, Queen Elizabeth.

She’s set the standard for royalty and has a huge influence not only on the British population but to many others all over the globe. Her life, style, personality, and behaviors are all worth noting.

She strictly follows many protocols that have been set in place for generations and she keeps close tabs on the rest of her family to ensure they follow suit. One thing she has done for years is wearing gloves to any public outing.

This has caused many questions, causing many to wonder her reasoning for doing such. Believe it or not, it’s absolutely genius! According to sources, her number one reason is for the sake of fashion.

“The Queen wears a hat and carries a handbag no engagements, and glove are essential to complement them. They are part of her style, the ‘look’ we have associated with her, which is formal,” a source states.

Not only are they to make a fashion statement, but they also hold a very important purpose: to keep her healthy. “Given the need to shake hands so often, they are used as protection and to stop the spread of infections.” Since she is older in age and does still have a lot of reigning left in her, she wants to ensure she’s in optimal health so that she can efficiently carry out all of her regal duties.

She always makes sure to bring spares with her, because you can never be too prepared. “It’s likely the Queen carries a spare pair or two in her handbags so they can be discreetly changed if they become a bit too dirty throughout the day,” one source speculated.

She has one pair she tends to favor above the rest. Once you know just why she reaches for these more than the others, you’ll want to pick yourself up a pair, too!

“They’ve been made by Cornelia James Ltd since 1947, and the company got their royal warrant for their work in 1970. Fabric-wise, they’re made from brushed cotton, so rather soft, but the company [has] said they’ve gone for a slightly lighter fabric more recently - something I’m sure will be appreciated when the weather is very warm like it was at the Derby this weekend!”

Now that we have tiny bit more insight into the reasons and behaviors of the Queen, we can’t help but love her all the more. I certainly will be keeping a keen eye out for her various gloves in the engagements to come!


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