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Queen Elizabeth’s Secret Code That Only Her Closest Staff Can Decipher, And The Device She Uses to Signal Them Will Surprise You

June 01, 2018

The Queen is the epitome of grace, manners, and politeness so it might be a very precarious predicament if she were in desperate need to be ‘rescued’ from a less-than-fascinating conversation or meeting. How does a Sovereign get herself out of an awkward encounter while still preserving the dignity of the person involved?

Well, not only is Elizabeth II the Queen of the U.K., but she is also the Queen of class and subtlety. And how she handles these sticky situations will surprise and impress you because of its brilliance and simplicity.

Everyone is aware of the omnipresent handbag that Her Majesty color-coordinates perfectly with every ensemble she sports. We assume that the sole reason is that she has some items inside that she never wants to be without. But leave it to the beloved Monarch to make an even better use of this ubiquitous accessory.

Now we can reveal that, according to The Mirror, Her Majesty uses her handbag to give subtle signals to her staff about the nature of her wishes concerning any appointment that she happens to be engaged in at the time.

Depending on where she places it or how she holds it, it can communicate a multitude of messages, and all without the guest knowing that it’s happening.

By merely placing her handbag on the floor, staff is immediately alerted to the Queen’s desire to end the conversation without delay. If you are the object of this signal, you might be treated to a very hasty escort out of the Audience Room.

Now if Her Majesty sets her bag on a table, it’s not quite so bad. Although you won’t be given “the bum’s rush” you might notice the tone of the conversation switching to final thoughts and parting pleasantries, but the end result will be the same.

Your audience with the Queen is about to come to an end. Perhaps you are boring your host, or you might have overstayed your welcome. Either way, Her Majesty wants out.

Now if her pocketbook ends up on a chair, well then you have done a great job of engaging the Queen and she has just signaled to her staff that she is thoroughly enjoying her time with you. The good news is that you will likely be rewarded with an extended period of time with the charming and very clever Monarch.

No official word, however, on what it means when a great-granddaughter is holding the purse. We'll do more research and get back to you. ;-)

If you are an admirer of Queen Elizabeth’s keen fashion sense, including her ever-present handbags, you will certainly enjoy watching the video, below, that highlights her beautiful “coats of many colors.”


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