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Heartbreaking Truth About Queen Elizabeth’s Health Revealed After Learning Of The Queen’s Top-Secret Surgery. Now, All Are Praying For The Queen

June 08, 2018

Queen Elizabeth is stunning the world as the longest living monarch in the history of the world. At 92 years old, the Queen has much exceeded her reign by several years- decades even. As her age increases, the world can’t help but wonder how much longer Queen Elizabeth will fulfill her duties as the Queen.

As far as the public can tell, Her Majesty is in great health and shows no signs of slowing down. However, after some recent bizarre behavior for the Queen, fans were wondering if that was really the case…

The Queen has been operating slightly out of her norm; during her most recent appearances, she’s been wearing very dark sunglasses. While this might not sound uncommon to the everyday person, this is very out of character for Queen Elizabeth.

Fans were confused with Her Majesty’s decision to wear sunglasses during royal events and began assuming the worst. Had the Queen undergone some sort of operation? Would she be okay?

After several rumors, Buckingham Palace confirmed the news, leaving fans shocked and terrified. The Queen had undergone a private cataract surgery.

A palace spokesperson confirmed the news before fans had a chance to jump to conclusions: “I can confirm that The Queen successfully underwent a short, planned procedure to treat a cataract last month.”

The procedure that the Queen underwent was performed to treat cataracts, which were causing blurry vision. People confirmed that “The procedure, which is common and generally safe, is typically performed by an ophthalmologist on an outpatient basis.”

The Queen is rarely seen in such a casual ensemble, especially in regards to her face. While she greets guests, she likes guests to be able to see her eyes. However, during her recovery, shielding her eyes was necessary.

While people are grateful to learn the truth about the Queen’s recent surgery, they were also quite scared to get confirmation about her declining health. She is dearly beloved and the thought of health declining is terrifying and extremely saddening. Please keep in your prayers!

Keep the Queen in your prayers as she recovers! As the British say, Long live the Queen!


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