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Queen's Stunning Announcement About Harry's Wedding To Meghan Leaves Everyone Wondering 'Why Now?'

March 15, 2018

With just two months left before the wedding of the decade, Buckingham Palace released a statement - a 
Royal Proclamation, rather - regarding Prince Harry's betrothal to American actress Meghan Markle - and the timing of it leaves much of the world scratching their heads!

The couple has been engaged for four months and they have already gone through mountains of preparation in anticipation of their big day yet, apparently, they did not have official "permission" for any of it!

The Royal world lives and breaths for protocol and all things "official" so I suppose this consent decree is only a formality.

That's right. If the announcement coming out of the Queen's court is what it claims to be, then it seems the Prince and his bride-to-be had things a bit backward. Without Her Majesty's consent, they technically are not supposed to proceed.


"According to the Royal Marriages Act of 1772, all direct descendants of King George II are required by law to obtain the sovereign’s consent in marriage, otherwise the union is invalid, The Telegraph reports."

So, what is the significance of the timing? Well, Hary and Meghan should consider themselves lucky, receiving the consent two months before they say, "I do."


Older brother William and wife Kate went through the same thing before they tied the knot in 2011, except their official "consent" was not received until ONE WEEK before their wedding! I can only imagine what kind of red tape would have ensued had the approval not been given in time! Talk about nail-biting! ;-)

Regardless of how close to the wedding the proclamation was released, we are just glad that one more formality can be checked off the list. That just means the big day is getting closer - and we can't wait for it to actually arrive!


As always, we wish the lovely couple all the best and hope they can continue to do a superb job at jumping through all the hoops that are necessary for getting married in the Royal Family!


In related news, Meghan recently announced who will be designing her wedding gown!

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