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Raven Was Shot And Left To Die. Thanks To The Dedication Of One Rescue, She’s Now In Her Forever Home

November 28, 2017

Raven is a gorgeous five-year-old Rottweiler who lives in North Carolina with her adoring parents and goofy brother, a hound-mix named Journey. Journey and Raven love to play together all day, whenever they possibly can. When these two siblings get to playing, everyone had better stay out of their way, as the duo is prone to not watching where they’re going and taking out people who are in their path!

Raven may be living the good life now, but it definitely wasn’t always so for this playful pup. No one is quite sure how Raven’s life began, but what we do know is sad enough. Raven was found alone and scared, wandering the streets in November of 2014.

When Raven was picked up, it was clear that she had been a stray for quite some time. She was skinny and her fur was dirty, full of fleas and ticks that were making her life a living nightmare. She was suffering greatly thanks to her time on the streets, and it seemed that what the volunteers had originally seen of her condition wasn’t the worst of it.

After Raven was cleaned up, they began to see the true horrors she must have endured. Raven had been shot multiple times by people who viewed her as a pest and wanted her gone. Her legs, ears, and shoulders were full of birdshot and BBs from the torture she’d endured.

Sadly, Raven lingered for two months after being rescued, awaiting adoption. On the day she was set to be euthanized, Furever Angel’s Pet Rescue stepped in to save her life and placed her in a foster home. Her foster home decided that Raven would enjoy going to Doggy Daycare and seeing the other pups on a regular basis.

When Raven showed up at Doggy Daycare for her temperament test, so they could be sure she’d get along with the other pups, one of the employees fell in love with her at first sight. They immediately adopted her, and now Raven comes to daycare with her every day! When she’s not at daycare with her momma, you can find her swimming, or playing fetch with Journey. Her life has definitely become great ever since her time as a stray!

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