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Remember the Item That Deemed Princess Diana ‘Shameful?’ 36 Years Later It’s Making an Alarming Come Back

February 23, 2018

36 years ago, the world was introduced to a woman that would forever change history. Lady Diana Spencer throw the entire world for a loop when she became the fiance to Britain’s most prestigious bachelor, Prince Charles of Wales.

Upon her engagement, the young Diana gained international attention. She very quickly learned that her life would never be private again.

In hopes of prepping Diana, she was given royal advisors. The advisors would assist in the transition from common life to Royal life. Diana appreciated the assistance but still remained very much an individual and true to herself- a trait that she carried throughout her whole life.

One thing that Diana absolutely adored was bike riding. She had spent hours riding her blue Raleigh 3speed bike prior to ever even knowing Charles. When she became engaged, she spent a lot of time behind the gates of the palace. Luckily for her, she had her bike.

Diana would ride her bike as often as she could. For her, it was someone therapeutic! She felt free and loved the feeling of the wind in her hair.

One day while she was out riding her bike, she was photographed. The bike was known around the world as “The Shame Bicycle” as the media went into a frenzy. Word got back to her advisors and Diana was told to give up her bike as it was ‘unfit for a princess.’

Diana obeyed her advisors and gave her bike to her friend’s father. The bike sat in a garage for more 27 years because the second owner sold it. The bike sold for $300. Recently, the bike was put up for an online auction.


Bids immediately went up for the bike, with highest bid at $13,000!! The bike comes with a handwritten letter from Diana too! It was originally written to the friend’s father that received the bike and it was written just months before got engaged, when she was still known as Lady Diana Spencer. How incredible is that?!

We hope the new owner of the “The Shame Bicycle” is loving his vintage treasure!


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