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Rescued Baby Owls Are Having A Hard Time Learning To Fly In Hysterical Video

February 19, 2018

Owls have earned their reputation as brilliant and honorable creatures, and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t respect them. Of course, they don’t start off their lives as noble animals, they start off as silly and clumsy. Luna and Lily are two baby barn owls who were rescued as tiny hatchlings and brought to a wildlife rehabilitator home where they could learn how to be owls.

The two little owlets have grown quite a bit in the two months they’ve been safe, and are starting to look quite like adults! As their baby down starts to fall out, their mature adult feathers begin to grow in, leaving them with one major skill to learn - flight.

As they practice their flight skills, the little cuties refused to hold still for being weighed and they began to make their rehabbers lives into little nightmares. Luna, the biggest of the two, loves to hop-fly every chance she gets, leaving her sister behind.

Luna is getting the hang of flying, but that doesn’t come without its own mistakes! Like accidentally plunging herself in a big old bucket of water! Although they are both growing owls and they are beginning to master flight, they still sleep indoors with the family.

As their flight skills progressed, the little owls began to cause havoc in the house! They began to knock over things and land anywhere and everywhere, including on top of pictures mounted on the wall.

Luna and Lily surely have a long way left to go, but as soon as they’re able to fly and hunt, they’ll earn their freedom and be ready to be released into the wild. Their future is surely looking bright as the sun!