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53 Earthquakes Ravage The Ring Of Fire In Catastrophic Proportions. Experts Fear ‘The Big One’ And Are Frantically Praying For A Miracle

August 22, 2018

It seems as though in the recent months, we’ve experienced an influx of natural disasters. While hundreds happen all over the globe each and every day, we’ve experienced a great deal more “closer to home” than we’re accustomed.


One that has seemed to draw the most attention as of late is domino-effect of earthquakes that have been ravaging the Pacific Coast, and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Fox News reports that as of late, “sixty-nine earthquakes, including sixteen tremors registering 4.5 or above on the Richter scale, recently hit the area.” This has all taken place around the Ring of Fire.


Express states: “The Ring of Fire is the largest and most active fault line in the world, stretching from New Zealand, all around the east coast of Asia, over to Canada, and the USA all the way down to the southern tip of South America and causes more than 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes.”

Atop this, the Ring of Fire is also home to 452 volcanoes, some being the most active and dormant on the planet.


Thankfully, the earthquakes that have hit thus far have not reached the United States coastline, but many fear that this could potentially happen in the foreseeable future. Experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the potential for the Big One to happen.

The Big One is an earthquake that has the strength and power to wreak severe havoc on the Earth’s crust. Their main concern at this point is the state of California. California sits on the path of destruction, directly on the San Andreas Fault Line. Their hope is that it doesn’t become triggered.


Experts elaborate on the severity of this situation: “What they need to understand is that this is truly a global phenomenon that we are witnessing, and shaking in one part of the globe can have tremendous implications for people literally living on the other side of the planet.”

While only time will truly tell what is to come, we can only hope and pray that the worst will never happen. Pray for those in the area as they anxiously await this natural disaster to pass!