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This One Strict Rule In The Royal Household That The Family Is Demanded To Follow Has Raised So Many Questions

March 29, 2019

If you’re part of the most infamous family in the entire world, you’d think you’d certainly be able to do whatever whenever you want. I mean, you pretty much reign supreme in the eyes of the public!


While that ideology seemingly makes sense to some, there’s a reason the British royal family has made it as successfully as they have over centuries.

One of the things that have helped to keep the family in check and intact so well is the structured set of rules, regulations, and protocols in which they’re required to adhere.


Some find that these rules might be a bit over-the-top or somewhat ridiculous, but like with any profession (because let’s be honest, being a royal is certainly a 24/7 job!), it is understood that there are particular ways in which you are expected to perform.


One of the hidden rules in the palace is one concerning food. Yes, even their diets are regulated to a degree!

If you have a fully staffed kitchen, that shouldn’t seem like too big an issue, right? Most cravings one would have could be whipped up in a matter of minutes if necessary. The Queen, however, has a “do’s” and “dont’s” list of what is to be consumed. Some of them might surprise you.


From the moment a royal is born, their diet is most closely regulated. They are all immediately started off with breastmilk, whether it be from the mother or from a hired wet nurse. If the mother is the one who is feeding the child, her diet has to be clean and closely monitored to prevent the milk from being altered for the sake of the baby.


Once a child ages, they are then allowed to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. They start with a variety of pureed options all freshly picked and prepared from none other than the Queen’s royal garden. They are also introduced to pureed meat to help enlarge their taste range. And, you guessed it - the meat they eat is also from the royal grounds.


The one thing, however, that is strictly off-limits to royals is a convenience many of us partake in more than we’d likely care to admit - packaged foods. Upon hearing this, some might scoff at the mere idea of it, saying that it’s preposterous to have a rule such as this.


If you think about it, why would you even want anything packaged if your meals are prepared with the most fresh and organic ingredients anyone could ever want? I know I’d be more than happy to toss my package stash to eat up some of the Queen’s bounty!

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