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Royal Insider Dishes The Dirt On Kate Middleton, Revealing The One Thing We’ve Been Itching To Hear

April 04, 2018

Over the last, Kate Middleton has become a household name. From the moment she and Prince William first began dating, the world took notice. Her grace, poise, charisma, and beauty captivated the entire world.

Her keen sense of style and tactful beauty instantly set the standard for women worldwide. Whatever she wore, women wanted it. However she styled her hair, women copied it.

Still to this very day, it seems as though no matter how she presents herself, there is yet to be a single hair out of place. This leaves many with one question: HOW?!

One individual very close to her weighed in on the matter an told us just what we’d been itching to hear. The hairstylist deemed responsible for her iconic cut, Rossano Ferretti, dished the details on how he perfects her effortless updos.

All the styles come down to one serum that does the trick like no other. His serum of choice is Velluto 14 Smoothing Serum. When styling the hair, he first blow dries it fully to give the hair more bounce and volume.

He then carefully massages the serum throughout the hair to give it more hold. After that, he uses a few bobby pins to strategically pin up the style. Sounds simple enough, right? These brilliant, yet simple tips give the effortless-chic appeal to an updo that she’s made so famous over the years.

If you’re anything like me, you'll have more courage to try out the styles she’s managed to make so famous. Which Kate Middleton look is your favorite?


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