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Royal Lookalike Is Baffling Even To The Most Dedicated Royal Fans! It’s Nearly Impossible For Anyone To Spot The Real Princess

August 07, 2018

When it comes to the intriguing British Royal Family, it's so easy to become utterly captivated with each member. Living a life similar to a fairytale, it seems like the Royal Family is unlike anyone else. But everyone once in a while you come across stunning Royal lookalikes and you realize- they’re not the only ones!

Meet Scarlett Evered- otherwise known as Princess Charlotte!

Little Scarlett is often mistaken for one of the most adored Royals, Princess Charlotte. At just 15-months old, Scarlett was mistaken for Princess Charlotte when her grandmother took a quick glance at her.

After the resemblance was recognized, Scarlett’s mother was connected with a lookalike agency where Scarlett was signed.

Scarlett is as sweet as can be and is nearly a perfect replica of the beloved Princess Charlotte! Since she’s been signed, Scarlett has played Princess Charlotte in loads of Cambridge Family campaigns and even opened a holiday event with the Cambridge lookalike family!

Scarlett’s mom revealed that people acknowledge the Princess and her daughter’s resemblance all the time! She shared, “People comment on it all the time. You’ll be in the supermarket and people come up and say 'She looks just like he!' Quite often I’ll see people smiling at me and I know what they’re going to say. As she gets older she’s becoming much more aware of it.”

There have even been times where Scarlett has caught a glimpse of Princess Charlotte on television and she thought it was her! Do you see the resemblance?


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