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Sarah Ferguson Drops Massive Hint About Prince Andrew (Again) Leaving Queen Elizabeth In Utter Fear

May 08, 2018

Sarah Ferguson is one of the Royal Family’s most interesting individuals; over the last 32 years, her role has evolved in unforeseen ways. Now, Fergie’s role might be taking another monumental turn that no one ever saw coming.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (or Fergie), married Prince Andrew (Queen Elizabeth’s second son), in July 1986. The two were married for 10 years and welcomed two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. While their marriage ended quickly, Sarah and Prince Andrew have remained amicable with one another (Fergie’s relationship with the rest of the Royal Family has been somewhat complex- but that’s another story).

Throughout the last 22 years, the couple has remained together to an odd extent; Even though they’ve divorced, they still live together! In 2004, Queen Elizabeth gifted The Royal Lodge to her son. Only four years later, Sarah- his ex-wife, moved in. Needless to say, everyone was baffled beyond belief.

Since then, the non-couple has had their names in headlines for various dramatic reasons; While Fergie still lives with and has an odd relationship with Prince Andrew, a more obvious line has been drawn between Fergie and the rest of the family… She’s been snubbed several ways, but mostly by lack of invitations to royal events such as weddings and other celebrations all of which the Queen has been supportive of. 

In a highly unusual turn of events, Fergie recently shared something that left millions- yes, millions- in shock.

Recently, Fergie’s Instagram was filled with series of photos of Prince Andrew. On May 4th, 2018, she shared several photos of Prince Andrew after he was made an Honorary Fellow of Hughes Hall at Cambridge University.

While she’s been known to share photos of the prince in the past, she went on a posting spree of congratulating him with intimate photos- some of which have already been taken down from the public.

Several fans weighed in with their opinions, sharing things like “You two belong together,” “Just get married again!” “I wish I could see you both live happily ever after again.”

Fergie undoubtedly saw the photos, but still went on to share more. Leaving her fans to wonder if she was purposefully hinting at what they all wanted: a second marriage.

Surprisingly enough, Prince Andrew and Fergie really might just marry again! Previously, Prince Andrew wasn’t allowed to marry again because of the Royal Marriages Act which states that the first six individuals in line for the throne cannot marry without the monarch’s consent.

Now that Prince Louis has arrived, Prince Andrew is officially seventh in line which grants him liberty to marry who he wants. Since little Prince Louis’ arrival, several sources have leaked that Prince Andrew and Fergie will remarry. If that's the case, it's highly likely Queen Elizabeth will be less than thrilled.

It wouldn’t be the craziest thing that’s happened in the Royal Family… what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section on Facebook!


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