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Scout Patiently Waits For The Mail Every Day. When The Mailman Pulls Up, His Reaction Is Nothing Short Of Adorable

February 28, 2018

Scout is a beautiful deep red Golden Retriever who loves nothing more than his daily task! Ever since he was a small pup, Scout has loved the mailman. It only seemed natural then that he should get the mail for the family! When it’s time for the mail to be delivered, Scout begs his family to let him outside so he can go wait by the mailbox.

As the mail truck pulls up the street, Scout takes up his position directly next to the mailbox, sitting patiently. It feels like it takes forever for the mail truck to make it up the street to his house, and he finally can’t wait any longer and decides to meet the mail lady in front of the neighbor’s house!

Well, the mail lady knows better than to just give the mail to any roving pup so she carefully pulls forward to in front of Scout’s house as he follows along, waiting for her to pass him the mail. When he gets the mail, he thanks her with a wag of his tail and he sets off back into his house, pleased that he was finally able to complete today’s job!