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Security Camera Footage Catches Amazon Driver Dropping Off Disturbing ’Package’ - And Causing Quite A ’Stink’

April 18, 2018

We know Amazon takes pride in delivering everything “from A to Z” but one Sacramento homeowner wishes that the driver would have just kept on driving instead of dropping off one particular “package.”

Security camera footage caught the brazen act that left residents of this quiet neighborhood wondering ‘Why?” When they examined the footage, the discovered a very disturbing scene.

There, in all her glory, a female Amazon employee stops right in the middle of the street to “do her business” and we don’t mean filling out paperwork.

In the shocking video, we see the driver (using a u-haul van) standing partly-obscured by the passenger-side door. We can barely tell what she’s doing there but, by the evidence left behind, we can deduce that she is squatting next to the vehicle.

Then, we see her hopping back to her feet, zipping up her pants, and running around to the other side of the van.

Without so much as a moment’s hesitation, she hops back in and goes on her merry way.

I can only imagine the distress she must have been in to perform such a private act in broad daylight!!

Amazon has commented on the incident, reporting that they gave the “package recipient” a gift card and the driver has been fired.

To see the uninhibited delivery driver committing this 'odious' act, watch the video, below


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