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Family Horrified When Nest Home Security System Began Yelling Threats Of Attack Over Its Speakers; Now, They’re Urging Others To Take Serious Precautions

January 23, 2019

When you purchase a security system for your home, you expect it to do just that - make you feel more secure. It should give you a sense of peace knowing that you can sleep easy at night with the confidence that you are protected 24/7.

One family assumed just that when they purchased a Nest security system. Laura Lyons and her family were spending time together in their Orinda, California, home when their Nest camera went absolutely haywire.

Within seconds, a loud voice began yelling across the system’s speakers with a warning that chilled to them to the bone: “There are ballistic missiles headed to three American cities and President Trump has been moved to a secure facility.”

When speaking to sources, Lyons told, “It warned that the United States had retaliated against Pyongyang and that people in the affected areas had three hours to evacuate. It sounded completely legit, and it was loud and got our attention right off the bat. It was five minutes of sheer terror and another 30 minutes trying to figure out what was going on.”

At first, they didn’t have any clue as to where the strange and frightening warning was coming from, but soon realized it was, in fact, coming from their Nest security camera. According to sources, Nest told the Lyons family that they were part of a “third-party hack.” In this hack, someone had wired into their system and took control of it.

If the message wasn’t frightening enough, knowing their system could easily be hacked was the icing on the cake! As soon as the story broke, a spokesperson from Google spoke out: “We take security in the home extremely seriously, and we’re actively introducing features that will reject comprised passwords, allow customers to monitor access to their accounts and track external entities that abuse credentials.”

This is not the first time an occurrence like this has happened. Various stories have cropped up all over the news where people have told that their home security systems have blared strange and frightening messages.

Lyons made a fast decision that others have now taken to heart. Now knowing that her Nest has a microphone and speakers - which she initially even realize it had - she chose to immediately disable both.

This is certainly not a situation anyone wants to find themselves in. With the growth of technology grows more ways for hackers to invade into homes and lives more easily. If you or someone you know has a system like this, be sure to tell them of the potential hacking that could occur to their system!

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