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Helpless Senior Shih-Tzu Dangles From 3-Story Balcony. After Nearly 1 Hour Holding On For Dear Life, The Terrifying Happens

March 09, 2018

In Florida, police were called to a scene that they had never witnessed before. After receiving a call regarding a “puppy hanging from a balcony,” they feared for the worst. When the arrived at the scene, they were terrified.

Tampa police officers, Todd Mayarossi and Jay Hollman, responded to the call. They looked up at the third-story balcony and saw a precious Shih-Tzu dog caught between the bars on the balcony. The dog was only hanging on with its back legs.

One officer tried to get into the house, but it seemed that no one was home. The officers and onlookers made it their mission to save this helpless dog. They knew that it was up to them and them alone. Together, they used a sheet to create a landing spot for the puppy would have to make a 30-foot drop in order to survive.

The little dog clung to the balcony for more than 40 minutes. Even though there was a team of people ready to catch her, she had no concept of her safety. She desperately tried to hold on for dear life.

Finally, almost an hour after arriving on the scene, the dog finally dropped!

Cheers erupted from the crowd as the dog made the plunging drop! She landed safely on the sheet and without any harm. Everyone was so thrilled! The police officers said that when they caught the pup, it felt like they had won the game-winning touchdown.

The dog was taken to the veterinary clinic later by good samaritans. She was an older dog but thankfully, she didn’t tear any muscles by holding herself on the balcony. She was a little shaken up, but the vet was sure that she would be alright.

Check out the incredible video below! Your heart might drop as she falls, but the rescue is absolutely awesome! We are so thankful this Shih-Tzu dog is safe!


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