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Seriously Injured Kitten Has Ride Of His Life Thanks To Heroic Efforts Of Selfless Motorcyclist

April 30, 2018

It’s not something you see every day. A kitten taking a ride on a motorcycle, but for this little feline fellow, it's a matter of life and death that they give it a try - even though neither participant is a huge fan of the idea.

Although we do not know the name of the gallant guy who comes upon the sad scene, we want to give him as much good publicity as possible. Perhaps his friends will recognize him and be able to tell him in person how much we all appreciate his noble attempt.

When he sets out on his ride out on that country road, our protagonist has no idea that he will become a hero on this average, normal, summer day. But thanks to the giant heart inside his chest, he is able to make a huge difference in the life of one helpless creature.

When he sees the helpless little animal in the middle go the road, obviously suffering on the hot asphalt, he is not sure if he can actually help. But first, he needs to find out if the kitty will even let him get close enough to do any good.

As he inches his way toward the prostrate pussycat, uncertain of whether or not he is putting his own safety in danger, he calmly talks to the animal to gain his trust. He makes a careful, slow-but-steady, approach, torn between wanting to help the fellow as quickly as possible, and knowing he needs to avoid startling the cat or he might try to run off.

Once he gets near enough to reach out his hand, he does so gently, in the most tenuous manner. Soon, it becomes clear that the feline is not going anywhere. The motorcyclist is overcome with emotion at the desperate state of the fallen animal, seemingly unable to move from the spot, alternately crying out and panting for all he’s worth.

Realizing that he is ill-equipped to be the savior he wants to be, the motorcyclist decides to simply move the cat to a shady area. At least the four-legged friend will be off the burning pavement and out of the blazing sun.

But something doesn’t sit right with him. It’s interesting to listen to the running narrative of his thoughts as he struggles with his conscience about whether or not to leave the injured animal behind.

Next, we hear him on the phone with someone. We can feel the angst in his voice, obviously wanting to help, but voicing his fears about the risk involved. He shares with the person on the phone that he does not have a backpack or any way to safely transport the kitty, and perhaps is wanting absolution from his friend if he has to leave the feline behind.

Then he gets a brilliant idea. He will attempt to enclose the kitty inside his motorcycle jacket, hoping the little guy will stay put and allow the unexpected restriction from a stranger.

So far so good. He is able to zip the kitty up inside his jacket. Now the question is, will he be able to tolerate the loud and sudden noises that will emanate from the two-wheeled vehicle that is destined be his “ambulance” ride to much-needed medical care?

As the driver gingerly starts up the engine, he is pleased that his passenger is staying relatively calm. As the two continue on their journey, the joy in the driver’s voice is palatable. Unsure of the chances of getting the kitty to safety just a few minutes ago, he is now buoyed by the confidence and pride in having decided to go ahead and try.

He is so ecstatic at his success that he is inspired to give his little mate a name: "Eff-Zee” it is, in honor of his being the first cat to ever ride on that particular type of motorcycle!

The ride to the hero’s home takes only a few minutes, but throughout the entire trip, he continues to reassure the kitty of what awaits him when he arrives: food, water, and air conditioning!! When he gets to his residence, he turns off his Go-pro, but promises updates about his new best friend’s condition.

The next scene is of the rescued feline, enjoying a meal of food and water, just as promised. But the words that soon appear on the screen are bittersweet.

“X-ray confirmed that Eff-Zee had a perforated abdomen with air inside him. He didn’t make it. But he had a full stomach, an amazing motorcycle ride, and got to drift away peacefully with new friends around him. R.I.P. Eff-Zee.”

What a beautiful way for a fatally injured creature to spend the last few hours of his life. If our hero hadn’t taken the time to investigate the plight of a desperate kitty, Eff-Zee’s last moments would have been spent alone, in agony, in the middle of a blazingly hot country road.

Even though the story didn’t turn out how we would have liked, we are still glad for our hero’s actions. We applaud him for taking a chance on a frightened stranger by giving him a chance at life, no matter how slim his chances were.

Thank you to our anonymous hero, and Rest In Peace, little Eff-Zee.

The video, below, is awesome. Just a caution, there is a tiny bit of inappropriate language (a couple of “F-bombs” due to the stress, I'm sure), but it is minor and should not dissuade you from experiencing this amazing man’s heroic act.


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