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Dead Mother Shark Washes Up On Shore- When Tourist Sees Her Stomach Moving He Pulls Out A Knife In Desperate Search For A Miracle

September 27, 2018

Warning- this story shares graphic content.

Every once in a while, we come across stories that truly shock us. This is one of those stories.

One day, a man was out walking along the beach when he saw something off in the distance. Up ahead of him appeared to be a large object where the water met the waves. Wondering what he was about to stumble upon, he prepared himself for the worse.

As he got closer, he realized that the object that had been washed up on the shore was a shark. Not sure if the shark was alive or dead, he attempted to flip it over and help return the shark back to sea. But it was too late…

That’s when the man noticed something moving in the shark’s belly. Not sure what it could possibly be, he and others watched in curiosity.

After watching the shark move more, the man was sure that the shark was pregnant! Knowing that the babies wouldn’t survive in the womb of the dead mother shark, the man pulled out his knife. He knew that their only chance for survival would be getting them out of their dead mother and into the sea.

Without knowing anything with 100% certainty, the man started on an emergency c-section for the shark. At first, he couldn’t find any babies, but then he spotted movement in the womb just a little deeper.

As he dug around in the shark’s womb, he discovered not one, not two, but three baby sharks! Measuring at approximately 12 inches, the man removed the baby sharks and threw them out into the ocean. Each of the sharks appeared to be fully formed so the man was hopeful they would survive.

Even though the mother shark died, many of the 13,422,763 people who have seen this viral rescue video are calling this man a hero. What do you think? Should he have let the sharks die or did he do the right thing by performing a c-section? Let us know in the comment section on Facebook!

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