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She May Be The Most Popular Woman In The World, But Reading These Mistakes Will Prove That The Queen Is Just Like Us

February 22, 2018

While the world holds Queen Elizabeth in high regards, it can be difficult to remember that she’s just like us. Sure, she’s been the longest reigning monarch in history, but at the end of the day, she is a human being like everyone else. While it appears that she lives a glamorous and unapologetic life, there are some mistaken moments that she’s well- aware of and actually quite contrite over.

As a very young queen, Her Majesty was destined to relinquish her role of mother and wife in order to become The Queen. She once confidently told Kate Winslet, the British actress, that “Being a mother was the only job that matters.” While she’s remained married to her husband for 70 years and her children are grandparents themselves, she didn’t have strong bonds with her children while they were growing up. Now, she makes up for it with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Queen has also admitted being quite distant from her countrymen. As their Queen, she had hoped to be more relatable to them, but in the midst of learning her new role as Queen, she kept her life quite private. In fact, it wasn’t until she started publicly sharing her yearly Christmas broadcast that people began to see a more personal side of Her Majesty.

Although, it seems that Elizabeth has always been somewhat reserved. While she is one of the most popular people in the world, she is rather quiet. In fact, she only shares her opinions with her highest aides and The Prime Minister. She has been criticized for nearly all of her reign for being private. She does this knowingly, though; as Queen, it’s important that she doesn’t come with complications.

Another regret made by The Queen is how she handled the death of her former daughter-in-law, Princess Diana. People deal with grief quite differently, and while there is no one way to grieve, The Queen waited for five days before publicly addresses the death of the beloved princess. Her true heartbreak was felt when she did something unthinkable at Princess Di’s funeral; The Queen bowed as Diana’s casket passed by her. She responded to the loss in her own way.

While she is truly beloved and an international icon, The Queen is really just like us; each day, she faces struggles that many of us will never know as well as struggles that we all know too well. We wish The Queen the very best in her future she keeps on doing the best she can!


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