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She Thought Her Kitty Was Gone, Until This Happened

May 01, 2017


Tornadoes, twisters, cyclones or funnels- no matter what you call this vicious type of wind storm they are seriously terrifying. We all know that they can be deadly and are prone to leaving horrible destruction in their wake. 


When you hear that siren telling you one is nearby, you hurry as fast as you can to the nearest shelter, usually a cellar or basement if you have one.  Unfortunately, we do our best to find our pets, but sometimes that doesn't happen. 


Against all odds, this woman's cat survived a month after a tornado devastated her house and shows up during her interview with the local news station. She was sure the cat was gone, but as the famous children's song goes "The Cat Came Back", maybe with one less life, but back none the less. The cat had been living in the rubble and was so happy to see her owner again. 

Watch this incredible story unfold in the video below. 

Wasn't that a tear-jerker? That sweet woman was so relieved and joyful to have her dear kitty back. I'm so happy for her! 

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