Shed Full Of Unwanted Roller Skates Leads Teen Boy To Change His Community - All Due To His Love Of Sports And Children

November 01, 2017

There are moments in each of our lives that forever change the trajectory of our journey. Some are good, and some are bad, but all of these moments are crucial. For a young man named Robbie Palmisano, one defining moment comes in the guise of athletic equipment - specifically, the lack of it in his community’s schools.

One day, Robbie caught wind of an old shed full of unwanted roller skates. The shed was going to be torn down, and the skates were going to be thrown away because no one wanted them. Robbie decided to take the skates himself, instead of letting them be tossed away - because he knew of a group of kids who just might need them.

In downtown Baltimore, there was a group of school children that had no athletic equipment whatsoever. Although it was a long-shot, Robbie decided to donate over three-dozen skates to the children, with the hopes that they would be happy with them. The response he got was more than he could have imagined. The children were overjoyed at their new equipment, and Robbie loved the look on their faces so much that he decided to spread that joy to even more children.

Robbie started an organization known as "All Kids Should Play." Their mission is to make sure that all kids in their community have access to athletic equipment. Robbie partnered with local recreational centers and school communities so that they could figure out the exact equipment that the kids need. One day, however, Robbie receives an urgent call from a school principal that really tugs at his heart-strings.

The principal tells Robbie that fights break out on the playground at the school every single day; kids go home with bloody noses and bruises. Why? You may ask. The reason is simple: The school has only two soccer balls, and the 500 students who attend the school all want their turn with the two balls. Robbie and his organization want to stomp out playground violence, so they start working on a  solution to the problem.

Robbie is able to supply the school with enough soccer balls so that every student for the next three years can play with one. “All Kids Should Play” has since spread across the United States because of Robbie's example. Robbie and his team hope to inspire the world to not take things for granted. What one person has, another may not. Robbie's goal is to make sure that those who don't have much will - in the very near future - have more than enough!

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