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Shelter Workers Freaking Out Over Puppies Pulled From Sewer In Dramatic Rescue. When You Find Out Why, You Won't Believe It

March 27, 2018

I was an adorable sight. Eight little black puppies squirming around after having just been rescued from a storm sewer. But there was a shocking twist to this story that no one ever expected and left witnesses talking about it for a long time!

Firefighters in Colorado are called to the scene where a litter of puppies has been discovered in a sewage drain. Soon after their arrival, they set about retrieving the little wigglers from their trap.

As one firefighter brings them out, one by one, bystanders are overwhelmed at how precious they look. As rescuers marvel at the sheer number of them, they are just glad that they all survived their ordeal.

Next step: Take them to an animal shelter where they can be properly taken care of and, when they are ready, given to good homes. After all, no one can resist an adorable little puppy, so these sweet siblings should have no trouble whatsoever finding a forever home. Right?

But once the litter gets to the shelter, things take a dramatic turn in a totally unexpected way. Once the professionals get a good look at the eight little ones, they are flabbergasted at what they discover. Things are not what they seem and, at first, they are not sure what to do about it.

You see, the precious little 'pups' are not pups at all! But they are actually Red Foxes! And not a speck of red anywhere on them! To say the staff is surprised is an understatement.

But once the identification is done, the shelter has to change their plans. No doubt there is a momma fox out there somewhere, looking for her babies. So, the hope is to find her and reunite her with her kiddos.

It doesn't really matter, though, if they are puppies or not. The cuteness factor is still huge and we hope they have a wonderful life once they are back with their mom.

To see the dramatic rescue of these cute little 'pups,' watch the video, below.

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