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Siblings, John And Jane, Were Emaciated, Blind, Toothless And Terrified For Their Lives. That’s When A Hero Stepped In And Changed Everything

March 13, 2018

Jane and John were two dogs that experienced the worst in life. After years of abuse and severe neglect, these two dogs only had each other. When Dezzy discovered their catastrophic living conditions, she knew that they only thing: they had to stay together. Here is their incredible recovery story.

Dezzy of Dezzy’s Second Chance dedicates her life to rescuing and redeeming the lives of severely neglected animals. While her job requires her to intervene in the worst of animal conditions,  there are no lengths she won’t go to save an innocent animal.

John and Jane were rescued after their owners were forced to give them up due to a criminal investigation. Dezzy feared that the two dogs were too mistreated to ever be able to live a good life. Both dogs suffered Entropion and Jane suffered from a cataract. Both dogs had extreme mange. Jane was nearly blind, and John had a tumor on his abdomen. They were terrified of human contact and severely underweight.

The treatment that these two dogs needed came in at a staggering cost. But Dezzy knew that there was hope so she turned to social media for support

Thanks to the supporters of Dezzy’ Second Chance, these two heartbroken pups were able to receive the $10,000 treatments they needed in order to survive.

Only four weeks after receiving treatment, John and Jane are practically new dogs! Jane underwent several surgeries including eye surgery and dewclaws removal. John had his large tumor removed. Both dogs underwent mouth surgery since their roots and nerves were exposed.

To see them only four weeks after their rescue is shocking. They are unrecognizable and healthy! Dezzy and her supporters were blown away at the power of love and medicine; surely, these two siblings wouldn’t have made it without the power of love and medical treatment. Now, they play with each other, they appreciate human contact, and there full of joyful energy!

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