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Ski Slopes Take On Eerie Look After Mysterious Orange Snow Falls

March 26, 2018

The Rosa Khutor Resort in Sochi, Russia, was treated to a rather unexpected sight last week when orange snow began to fall from the sky! The orange snow left the resort looking like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie, or something from Mars! When the photos first began to spread on the internet, people were convinced that the photos clearly had a filter on them, until scientists stepped in and explained the rather spectacular phenomenon!

A large dust storm in the Sahara and Arabian Deserts in the south brought orange dust high into the atmosphere, which then found its way to Russia. There, the dust merged with the forming snow storm creating the breathtaking views that we now get the chance to see. The snow wasn’t contained to the Rosa Khutor Resort of course, as 100 miles away at Mount Elbrus an avalanche of the orange snow buried 15 cars!

The orange snow may look deadly, but it’s safe as can be for everyone involved according to scientists. As word of the magnificent wonder began to spread, skiers from all around began to flock to the orange slopes to see it all for themselves! This sight is truly one of the most wonderful things this decade!