Smiley the Blind Golden Retriever Was Born In A Puppy Mill. Now He Works As A Therapy Dog

September 05, 2017

Golden Retrievers are some of the most happy-go-lucky dogs you’ll ever meet. With their gentle and friendly personalities it’s hard not to love these sweet dogs. Smiley is a Golden Retriever who had been forced to endure serious trauma. In spite of this, he has never turned against humans, even though he had suffered greatly at their hands. Smiley was born into a puppy mill situation, in a barn that held 100 other dogs at the time they were rescued.

Smiley lives with severe defects; he was born without eyes and with oversized teeth. When he was found, his face was covered in wounds and his ears were cut open as well. Joanne George, a vet tech who assisted with the puppy mill rescue, took Smiley and ten other puppies home with her to foster. The ten puppies found their homes relatively easily, but Smiley was terrified because he couldn’t see what was happening.

Joanne decided to keep Smiley, permanently, as he had already formed a strong bond with her Great Dane and herself, of course! Now, Smiley works as a therapy dog who comforts children at funerals and visitations, where he can be their shoulder to cry on. He also visits libraries and classrooms to give children with autism and other disabilities, the chance to read to a friendly face so they can improve their skills. This amazing dog has been forced to overcome a horrible start to life, but Smiley now works every day to make this world a better place.

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