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Snake-Charming Street Performer Makes Deadly Mistake. Audience Watches In Disbelief As Everything Goes Horribly Wrong

March 23, 2018

A street performer in Uttar Pradesh, India was doing what he does every day, handling his unusual pet, a wild Indian Rock Python. He was billed as a "Snake Charmer" and was known for thrilling audiences with his masterful handling of the deadly reptile.

On this day, though, something goes terribly wrong and it nearly costs him his life! As he begins his act, he has no idea that things would not go as planned.

Shortly after he begins his performance, the python curls itself over the man's shoulders and, soon, it is wrapped around the man's neck. The performer shows no sign of distress so the crowd continues to watch, waiting for what comes next.

After motioning for the audience to stay back (or maybe asking for help?), be suddenly collapses, sprawling across the stone pavement - with the snake still ringing his neck.

At first, the people think the collapse is part of the act, so they do nothing, waiting patiently for the man to arise and continue with his show.

But, after a short while, when they realize that the man has not moved an inch since his fall, they become alarmed. One brave soul steps forward and grabs ahold of the snake and tosses it off the prostrate man. Still no movement.

Another bystander tries to help by splashing water on the man's face, but there is no response. Now, everyone is fully aware that an emergency has occurred and someone notifies the authorities.

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, another person grabs the snake and tosses it aside - only now is the victim completely free of the python's clutches. This is where the video ends, so we, unfortunately, have very little additional information at this time.

Witnesses did report that the man was taken to a local hospital, but there is no word yet on his condition. Please pray that the man makes a full recovery and, in the future, takes a little more care when handling such a dangerous - and potentially deadly - creature.

To see the entire episode for yourself, watch the video, below.

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