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Southwest Airlines Under Harsh Scrutiny For Forcing Woman To Abandon Beloved Pet At Airport; Now, She’s Taken To The Internet For Revenge

December 20, 2018

It seems like more often than not various airlines are making their way into the negative spotlight in the news. For the most part, they all try to go about their day-to-day routines, working heartily to make sure their passengers arrive and depart without a hitch, but unfortunately, it isn’t always that seamless.


Recently, Southwest Airlines has landed in the hot seat and their recent actions at the Denver International Airport is spreading like wildfire on the internet. A young woman named Lanice Powless has fallen victim to some harsh rules and she isn’t keeping silent about the fiasco that she endured while dealing with the company.

Powless was gearing up to board a flight from Denver to San Deigo. She had her belongings with her and her most important piece of ‘luggage’, her pet. When it was time to board, that’s when all the drama unfolded.


As she stood ready to board her flight, she was abruptly alerted by an airline employee that she would not be allowed to bring her pet on board with her and this was against Southwest’s pet policy.

The pet she had with her was none other than her pink Beta fish, Cassie. While it’s not a common pet that people travel with, it’s one that brought her a great deal of comfort and had traveled with her on previous flights.

“I had traveled with it. I had it in my container, too,” Powless told sources. The protocol for such activities was as follows: “Lie fish in water and a clear transparent container are allowed after inspection by the TSA officer.” With this knowledge in hand, she couldn’t understand the commotion.


A worker for the airline said that even with this policy, live fish are not allowed in the passenger cabin. This, undoubtedly, was a crushing blow to Powless. She knew she had no other option but to leave her trusty companion behind. She asked the airline receptionist if she could leave Cassie in her possession until a friend could come to the airport and retrieve her.

The worker abruptly denied her simple request. This left her hands tied, causing her to do the unthinkable: “I ended up turning around and giving it to a lady behind me,” she told sources.

Unfortunately, the Good Samaritan who took care of Cassie was also not allowed to carry her on board with her. Following the confusion and disappointment, both women were said to have been watched like hawks by security, almost as if they were some sort of criminal.


After the smoke cleared and Powless was at her final destination, she couldn’t help but think about her fish, wondering just what happened to her sweet, innocent little buddy. In no time at all, she got just the answer she was looking for, and it was far better than she ever could have imagined!

Thanks to the brilliant internet, Powless was miraculously reunited with Cassie! A kind-hearted airport worker caught wind of the entire fiasco and played babysitter until they could get in contact with Powless. They took to Twitter to post a notice in hopes of Powless finding them - and it worked seamlessly!


The note read: “Dear Mom, I’ve been having fun her e at Denver International Airport. This place is great. There are lots of fun people. The food is delicious and there are tons of animals to play with - especially dogs! I’ve even got my Christmas shopping done! Everyone has been really nice to me and has been taking good care of me but I’m ready to come home.” At the end of the letter, the contact details were listed.


“Everyone’s laughing at me. Yes, it’s a fish. I know,” Powless said. “But dang, it was my pet. And just because it wasn’t a cat or a dog, it wasn’t important?”

We’re just glad the duo was reunited once and for all! What do you think about this situation? Do you think Powless was treated fairly?

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