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Startling Secret Revealed About Princess Diana’s Marriage To Prince Charles, Causing People To Question Everything

May 01, 2018

“Gone, but never forgotten.” That quote couldn’t be more fitting for how the world feels to this very day about the untimely loss of Princess Diana. Though her life was cut tragically short, her time spent on earth left a lasting impact. She loved people, and her love shone brightly in every action, look, and appearance she made.

Her children were her reason for living, and she radiated pure joy every time she was seen with her young boys. Despite the happiness she had, there was a darker side to her life that haunted her until her passing.

In 1981, she married Prince Charles just six months after dating. From the outside, they were the perfect couple, but the romance was doomed from the start. Despite the love she had for him, it was never enough for her husband.

In a rare interview, royal biographer, Andrew Morton, divulged a well-kept secret about their relationship. This bit of information has left many utterly speechless at the thought. In the early years of their love, Princess Diana had a very specific name to which she referred to Charles. Surprisingly enough, it’s quite unorthodox compared to what many would assume.

She would always refer to the Prince as “Sir.” While it is a very polite and formal way to speak to or about someone, it’s quite uncommon for someone to refer to their significant other as such. Many have speculated on this hidden detail, questioning the sincerity of their love.

In the interview, Morton went on to say, “At the age of 30, Charles was showing no signs of settling down. On paper, Diana was perfect as a royal bride. Everyone was acting in what they perceived to be the best interest of the institutions but it was doomed. It was not a fairytale. It was a nightmare.”

It was a secret nightmare that no one, not even a beautiful Princess should have to endure. If there’s anything Diana’s legacy left behind, it’s the quiet strength she had. Amid the most trying time of her life, she managed to smile still and love others, setting the standard for how a royal princess should be.

Though she is no longer with us, her memory still lives on through her children and grandchildren. If she were here today, it’s no question that she would be even more full of joy for those she loved so dearly. She would be over the moon to see just how wonderful her boys have grown to be.


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