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If They Didn't Help Him, Stewie Would Die Waiting For The One Thing That Was Never Going To Happen

October 02, 2018

When the team from Hope for Paws responded to a report of a stray dog hanging around an abandoned home, they were not at all prepared for what they found. The dog’s adamant refusal to be lured in by the team’s usual bait of delicious hamburgers, forced the team to step up their game.

When their delectable offering did not turn the pup’s head, the team realized that the poor fellow was in an emotional crisis.

Neighbors conveyed that the family that used to live there had moved out, leaving Stewie behind. Since then, the pooch has patrolled the property in the unwavering hope that his family would return for him.

No wonder he was so uncompromising toward the rescuers’ inducements. The fact that nutritious and delicious food did not dissuade him, demonstrated the true desperation the tenacious canine felt.

Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz had to work together if they were ever going to be able to take the frightened pup into custody so he could get proper nutrition and the medical care that was evident that he desperately needed.

Even though so many dogs seem to think they can manage on their own, Hope for Paws emphasizes, “A dog is not a wild animal and is not equipped to survive by himself.”

They go on to say, “Dogs are domesticated and rely on humans to provide food, shelter, and much more.”

With tenacity and determination, the pair of rescuers were finally successful in their efforts. Safely ensconced in a travel crate, they put Stewie in the car for the drive back to the shelter.

When they got the petrified pooch back to the clinic, the above sentiment was proven to be painfully true.

After he was cleaned up and fed a proper meal, Stewie was ready for his medical exam. The vets concurred with what the rescuers observed.

Not only was his body covered in what looked like painful tumors, x-rays revealed an even more startling truth.

It seems that in his desperation and in an effort to keep from starving to death, the disoriented dog had apparently eaten rocks to fill the emptiness in his stomach.

The tumors were all benign and were easily removed by the vets, but the rocks took time to leave his system.

Once he had recovered from his ordeal, Stewie was placed in foster care where he blossomed. He made friends with the other dogs. Even though he probably would never stop missing his family, he soon learned to trust the new, kind humans who had brought him to his new home.

We’re so glad Stewie was saved from his lonely, painful life on the streets and are thankful that organizations exist who make it their life’s mission to transform the lives of forgotten animals like Stewie, so they can start to live the life they were always meant to live.

To learn more about Stewie's sad life and his miraculous transformation, watch the video, below.

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