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Stranded Shark, Desperately Struggling To Stay Alive, Is Doomed To Certain Death - That Is Until 2 Heroes Refuse To Accept The Inevitable

February 15, 2018

Two kind-hearted fishermen in Florida come upon a beached shark and they make it abundantly clear that they aren’t about to turn their backs if there is anything they can do to help! Instead, at their own personal peril, they risk life and limb to give this dangerous predator a second chance at life.

Just look at the size of the marine creature! Can you imagine attempting to move it, much less get it to go back into the ocean?? A full-grown Dusky Shark can weigh between 350 and 400 pounds, so unless you are Mr. Universe you might not quite be able to lift its heft!

Well, these two guys have a “never-say-die” attitude and step up to do everything in their power to send this wayward creature back where he belongs. Their first thought is to grab its tail and try to drag it bag into the water. After several attempts and little progress, they realize that they need a different plan of attack.

Before long, they notice the incoming tide and figure out that they are going to have to rely on the cooperation of Mother Nature if they are going to have any chance of changing the course of this disoriented marine mammal.

As the man behind the camera encourages them, he lets them know when a decent-sized wave is approaching. Eventually, the water is able to lift the shark’s bulky body off the sandy beach long enough that the men are able to shove it in the right direction.

It takes only a couple of good waves before the shark is able to escape the shore. With one final push, the men stand back and watch the grateful shark take it from there!

As for the heroes who saved the day, they enjoy a well-deserved moment of jubilation as they watch their formerly-helpless friend heading out to the deep blue sea.

I know it’s a wonderful, brave, heroic act and there are many people who will rejoice over the fishermen’s success, but I have to admit to one lingering concern: I just hope that their good deed doesn’t come back to bite them . . . literally!!

If you’d like to watch the entire rescue mission, just click on the video, below.


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