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Weeks Afer Beloved HGTV Star Announces Pregnancy With New Husband, Ex Spills Major Details On The Baby And Fans Are Shocked

April 09, 2019

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things a secret until you’re ready to spill the beans. If not, other people just might do it for you!


One of HGTV’s most recognizable faces, Christina Anstead (formerly El Moussa), has found herself smack-dab in the middle of a lot of media attention these days. Surprisingly, it’s all positive!

Christina and her new husband, Ant Anstead, recently announced that they were expecting their first child together. As soon as fans heard the news, they went absolutely wild with excitement!


Christina already has two children from her previous marriage to Tarek El Moussa - Taylor Reese (8) and Braden James (3). Ant has two children as well: Amelie (15) and Archie (12). Now that baby number five is on the way, the family could not be more thrilled!


Shortly after the excitement wore off for some fans, they quickly began to wonder just how Christina’s ex-husband was handling the news. After all, their divorce was a painful one for both parties and it was only two years ago that it was finalized.


When Tarek was asked about his relationship with Christina now, his answer was quite shocking but also refreshing at the same time. “Things are good today. She’s remarried. She’s actually pregnant - everybody knows that.”

What he said next, though, was something no one expected to hear just yet - especially coming first from him!


“She’s having a son,” he followed. This was a shock, to say the least, because just a few weeks prior, the pregnancy news went public. Christina nor Ant have made any mention to the gender of the new baby yet, so for it to come from the ex-husband was a huge blow.


The parents-to-be have yet to respond to the shocking announcement but it’s likely they’re a bit disappointed that he jumped the gun on news that was not his to tell.


Either way, we are glad to hear that the two have found ways to work around their differences and their children seem to be happy and thriving once again. Congratulations to Christina and Ant on having a little boy together!

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