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Teacher Investigated After Feeding Live Puppy To Snapping Turtle In Front Of Students

March 13, 2018

Robert Crossland is a biology teacher at Preston Junior High in Preston, Idaho, drew the criticism of animal rights activists and parents all around the United States when word spread about his recent animal cruelty. Crossland keeps a menagerie of animals in his classroom that he uses to educate students, including a snapping turtle. Recently, he made the decision to feed a live puppy to the snapping turtle in front of students.

When word began to spread about the horrific incident, Crossland came out in defense of his actions, specifying that the puppy was deformed and was going to pass away soon anyway. However, animal rights activists are still disgusted with the cruelty and inhumanity he displayed when he fed the live puppy to the turtle.

Jill Parish, an animal rights activist, was the first one to report Crossland to the police department after hearing of the incident. Since then, thousands of animal lovers all around the United States have reached out to report him as well. Former students of Crossland have said that they really enjoyed his teachings, but that it was usual for him to feed birds, mice, and guinea pigs to the snakes and snapping turtles during classroom demonstrations. There is no word yet on what charges, if any, Crossland will face.