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Days After Film Trailer Released, True Survivor Of Ted Bundy Attack Speaks Out On The Film And Her Words Will Rock You To The Core

January 29, 2019

If you’ve seen anything online as of late, you’ve likely run across resurfaced information about the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy. Thanks to an upcoming film and a new documentary that was just launched by Netflix, the world is back to buzzing about the most notorious killers in American history.

Here’s a bit of a refresher on the bone-chilling details of his escapades: “Bundy was convicted of killing and raping several women across seven states from at least 1974 to 1978. He later confessed to more than 30 and was executed in Florida on January 24, 1989. Bundy’s real number of murders is unknown. Experts estimate it might be much closer to 100.”

Needless to say, for numerous families across the globe, his story’s resurfacing hasn’t been welcomed. It’s like seeing your worst nightmares continually replayed over and over for all of the world to see.

The upcoming film about him, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, has already caused a serious stir on social media, and not just from that of those who were directed affected by him and his tyrannical behavior. The 31-year-old American actor, Zac Efron, portrays the young Bundy and many feel that casting him has glossed over just how vile Bundy truly was in his horrific escapades.

For a woman named Kathy Kleiner Rubin, this hit incredibly close to home. She was one of the extremely fortunate survivors who, as a young 20-year-old sorority girl was attacked by Bundy. He allegedly snuck into her sorority house at 3:00 am, came into her room, and beat both her and her roommate with a club.

When she spoke out following the film’s premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, her words were nothing like anyone expected to hear. Sources state: “Kleiner Rubin said she doesn’t have a problem with people looking at it, and as long as they understand that what they’re watching wasn’t a normal person.”

Kleiner Rubin continued: “I believe that in order to show him exactly the way he was, it’s not really glorifying him, but it’s showing him, and when they do say positive and wonderful things about him...that’s what they saw, that’s what Bundy wanted you to see.”

Many have not necessarily agreed with her stance on the matter but, considering her extremely close encounter with the murderer, she, as much as anyone, knows his true character. Will you be watching the Netflix documentary or the film?

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