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Tensions Rise After Kate Middleton Learns The Haunting Truth About Prince William. After Seeing The Hurtful Footage, She Can’t Even Bare To Look At Him

May 15, 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem like they have the most perfect relationship in the entire world; as the future king of England and adored royal couple, the Cambridge Family appears to be living a real-life fairytale. But as the saying goes, things aren’t always what they seem…

In March, Prince William took some much-needed time off to enjoy a “guys trip” in Switzerland while Kate stayed home with the kids. The trip was to be calm and relaxing, but after seeing video footage from a nightclub, one might say it got a little out of hand.

The footage emerged of Prince William dancing in a nightclub and talking closing with a mysterious brunette girl. In some photos, Prince William has his arm around her waist and in others, she is leaning in close to him. The popular nightclub in Verbier hosted the prince and his friends for a night of partying, dancing, and just an all around a good time.


But there is one person, in particular, that is not even a little bit happy to learn of William’s night out: his wife, Kate.


Vanity Fair reported Kate to be “less than pleased” with William’s behavior on his guys’ trip. And as if the photos weren’t enough to tip her over the edge, the fact that his guys’ trip happened during Commonwealth Day was the icing on the cake.

Commonwealth Day is one of the most important official events of the year for the Royal Family. With William being second in line for the throne, it’s not common that he’d miss such an event. However, he and his buddies spent the day on the slopes rather than in the pews.

William’s footage of him “dad dancing” to loud music quickly went viral. The video appears that William and his buddies quite enjoyed themselves.


William returned back to the U.K. where he spent time reportedly in the doghouse with Kate. Hopefully, the future king felt the dancing night so worth it, because, from the sounds of Kate’s responses, he won’t be going on a guys’ trip again anytime soon.

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