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Tensions Rise For Meghan Markle’s Dad As Palace Backlash Threatens To Hit Hard, Leaving Him Heartbroken Over Sad Turn Of Events

June 25, 2018

The troubles just never seem to end for Thomas Markle, Sr, and his most recent actions threaten to cause severe backlash from the Palace. His already rocky relationship with daughter Meghan has been put to the test in recent months as he and his other children have made ill-advised moves that have cast a shadow on the love story of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Very little was heard from Meghan’s father during the six months of her engagement to Prince Harry, but by all accounts her relationship with Mr. Markle was fine. Then things started to happen that caused people to wonder if all wasn't what it seemed.

All of the unfortunate circumstances led to the sad result of Meghan's dad not being able to make the trip to Britain to walk her down the aisle for her May 19th wedding at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The senior Markle suffered a heart attack that ultimately resulted in surgery just days ahead of the nuptials. Doctors refused to permit him to travel so he was forced to watch his daughter tie the knot on TV from his hospital bed.

Now that Mr. Markle is back on his feet, he is once again talking to the press about the most recent events, and, apparently, the Palace has not been pleased by his most recent divulgement. Now he is fearing that his access to his daughter will be restricted in an attempt by the Royal Family to keep a 'safe distance' between Prince Harry's wife and her American relatives.

"Nearly a week after he sat down with 'Good Morning Britain' for a live interview on June 18th in which he discussed his conversations with her new husband, Prince Harry, the couple's plans to start a family and more, Thomas fears he's being 'frozen out' by Kensington Palace, The Sun reported on June 24."

Mr. Markle points to the fact that Meghan did not send him a Father's Day card this year (June 17th) as proof of the alleged intervention by the Royals.

Lainey Gossip reported that "Thomas's older daughter (Meghan's estranged half-sister) Samantha Markle set up the interview and negotiated a fee "in the neighborhood of $50,000 to $60,000."

Piers Morgan with whom Mr. Markle had the infamous interview, disputed Grant’s account, telling MailOnline that "Thomas was paid a 'relatively small fee' and claimed the interview was more about 'setting the record straight" than the money."


Only time will tell whether or not Thomas Markle's worst fears will come to pass, but one thing is certain. The Royal Family DEFINITELY does not appreciate intrusion into their privacy and, with the Senior Markle's recent actions, no one could blame them if they remained a bit cautious when dealing with him or any of the other members of the Duchess of Sussex' family.

We hope that all parties involved find a healthy way to deal with their misunderstandings and that the newlyweds are able to enjoy their married life without any more unwanted attention from the press - at the hands of her father, sister, or brother.


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