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There’s Telling Secrets About The Body Language Between Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip, And Once You See It, You Can’t Unsee It

April 17, 2018

When you have grown up in the spotlight, you know the in’s and out’s of the media game. You learn the correct mannerisms that will come off best to the public, and you also learn just how to act as well. Though people will never truly know what goes on behind closed doors, you can be quite put together while out and about.

Queen Elizabeth has fully mastered the art of public appearances. She got her start practically at birth, and her mannerisms, behaviors, and expressions have all been nothing shy of perfect when encountering the public. Because of her extreme tactfulness, many have noticed a few things in how she acts around certain family members. One, in particular, is Prince Philip.

Many have wondered just how close they are because their actions prove a bit standoffish at times. Body language expert Blanca Cobb dissected the situation, and what they discovered might come as a great surprise.

“They were raised in a different generation when the kind of PDA you see today might have been less socially acceptable,” she stated. Philip is often seen standing behind his wife during family photos from the past, and it’s not always due to protocol. “Symbolically, it says, ‘I support you, and I’m happy to give you the limelight,’” she said.

Over time, though, the two have shown a bit more comfortability with one another. While comparing some images, Cobb stated, “It sends the message, ‘I got you, you can count on me.”

When it comes to facial expressions, they both wear a serious, stoic look. “Whether by training or because it’s part of who they are, neither is outwardly expressive. I’d venture to guess that after all these years, it’s a combination of the two.”

She concluded by saying, “Philip lets Elizabeth know how he feels by looking at her and being present physically to support and guide her, but they’re generally reserved in the way they show affection. She doesn’t give him much attention, but I do think they have a deep affection for one another. That’s probably as scandalous as it gets, but I would be interested to see what goes on when the cameras are off, and they can be themselves without formality.”

While we may never know the full truth, one thing is for certain: they have lovingly stood by one another’s side for over 70 years, and they won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


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