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These 10 Cats Sure Know How To Rock A Costume! That’s Why We’ve Ranked Them As The Top 10 Cutest “Meow-nsters"

October 11, 2017

Cats are such amazing creatures, playful as can be while remaining majestic! Perhaps that’s why so many people absolutely love to see them in such silly situations - like wearing the funniest costumes we can! Thankfully, they don’t seem to hold a grudge against us for it!

Seeing cats wearing a whole range of goofy costumes is one of the most entertaining ways to spend your day! That’s why we’ve gathered the Top Ten cutest cats in their costumed best for you!

1. This cat is being very passive/aggressive about his dislike of Hawaiian shirts - he wanted to be a T-Rex!

2. This playful cat who looks like she’s practicing to be Robin Hood!

3. This cat who wanted to see what it would be like to be a hobo!

4. This cat whose love for pumpkins does not extend to sequinned pumpkin hats

5. This feline who is hoping to infiltrate the bumblebees!

6. This hungry kitty who wanted to dress up as his favorite food!

7. These playful cats who love to dress up as their favorite movie characters!

8. This cat who loves dinosaurs so much he had to be one for Halloween!

9. This goofy cat who is practicing to join a Mariachi band!

10. This cat who has been practicing all year to be a pirate!

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