These Adorable Pastel Golden Retrievers Will Leave You Wanting A New Addition To Your Family, Once You've Seen Just How Cute They Are

September 12, 2017

Golden Retrievers are widely known as some of the sweetest and gentlest dogs that exist. With their soft gaze and even softer fur, it’s not hard to see why these dogs are so beloved. Two cream-colored Golden Retrievers living in Thailand, have an Instagram account that will leave you wanting to take in one of these caring dogs, yourself.

Japan and Jedi are the two adorable dogs who star on the account, although they often share the spotlight with a whole variety of other canine friends! These loving dogs have a very fun life, and always seem to be doing something new! Like other Goldens, their favorite activity is swimming, whether it be in the pool or at the beach.

Japan and Jedi love to play with other dogs, and their Instagram is full of them playing with their friends! Of course, they also adore ice cream cones which results in some adorable photographs. It’s safe to say that these Golden Retrievers are living the life that every dog wishes they lived, and are showing everyone just how awesome their breed is.

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