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These Two Girls Are Sisters. But Everyone Is Shocked When They Found Out This

September 19, 2017

Sisters Lucy and Maria Aylmer look nothing alike. People don't even believe they are sisters. One favors mom and the other, dad. But wait till you hear this...they are TWINS.

Yes, these lovely ladies, who just turned 18, are the first biracial twins to gain fame for their polar opposite looks. Maria has darker skin, brown eyes, and black curly hair; she also looks just like the rest of her siblings. Her sister, on the other hand, has fair skin, blue eyes, and straight red hair. From the time they were born, the girls have looked nothing alike.

Not only do they look different but they also have completely different tastes in style. Maria likes to get all dressed up and Lucy likes to keep it casual. Despite their outward differences, these twins have managed to stay best friends through it all.

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