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They’re Not Just Giving Out Medals Anymore In The Olympics. When Contestants Found Out The New Potential Trophy, They Reacted Quite Unexpectedly

February 13, 2018

Every two years, the world awaits the beloved Olympic games. Be it Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics, the world watches anxiously as their country's most qualified athletes compete against one another for the ever- so- coveted gold medal.


However, this year, the trophy is given to the top teams is not what you’d- or anyone else for that matter- expect.

Typically, top teams and/ or contestants are given a colorful bouquet of flowers after their place is announced following their event. For The 2018 Winter Olympics, winners were given the white tiger in honor of Korea’s guardian animal, the white tiger.


This year, at the 2018 Winter Olympics, medalists are being given a stuffed white tiger. That’s right- they’re getting a stuffed animal. The stuffed tiger's name is Soohorang! According to the official Olympic site, in Korean “Sooho” means ‘protection’ and “Rang” means ‘tiger.’ Pretty interesting, huh?


Don’t worry though! Winners for bronze, silver, and gold will still receive their medals during a second ceremony each night. The tigers are a special way to recognize Korean culture and the athletes really seem to love them!


We think it’s pretty cool that Korea is representing their culture as they honor Olympians! “Soohorang” made quite an impact on the Olympics too! They were so excited to be given the gift and accepted it cheerfully! It makes wonder what Tokyo will do for The Summer Olympics!


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