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This Amazing Dog Was Abandoned On A Hiking Trail To Die. Once She’s Rescued, You Can See The Relief On Her Face

October 02, 2017

Every decade or so, a new breed of dog in the United States is vilified. Cesar Millan once said, “In the 70’s, they blamed Dobermans. In the 80’s, they blamed German Shepherds. In the 90’s, they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull.” As a result of the Pit Bulls’ vilification in the world today, they end up in shelters at a higher percentage than almost any other breed and are often discriminated against by landlords and lawmakers. Frequently, they are left to fend for themselves!

Zelda is a stunning red-and-white Pit Bull-type who was abandoned on a hiking trail in Whittier, California. Countless Good Samaritans and animal control staff tried to capture the frightened dog, but this panicked pup was able to evade capture for two weeks - until Hope For Paws stepped in, of course.


Hope For Paws volunteers Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz heard about Zelda’s plight on Facebook, so they quickly set off to save her. They knew that Zelda needed their help and fast because loose in the canyon, she was at risk of severe heat stroke, coyotes running loose, and cars on the winding road through the canyon.

When Hope For Paws found Zelda, she was along the side of the road, and they carefully lured her over to them with delicious chicken. Moving slowly, they did their best to gain this gentle giant’s trust as they slowly offered her morsels of food. Zelda cautiously allowed Lisa and JoAnn to pet her but, when they pulled the leash out, she began to run away, terrified.


Zelda didn’t flee far, however; her desire to eat outweighed her terror. Lisa sneaked up behind Zelda while JoAnn handfed the sweet dog. Zelda panicked at first but, with the gentle, loving attitude of the two rescuers, she quickly began to overcome her fear.

When they got Zelda loaded into her vehicle, you could see how relieved she was. Although she was still terrified, she appeared grateful that they had saved her. When they arrived back at the rescue, this sweetheart wagged her tail for the first time and thanked her rescuers by giving them all of her love.

Zelda was placed in a foster home with the Los Angeles Animal Rescue, and she is waiting there for her forever home. It’s safe to say, though, that this darling dog is going to be an amazing family member for whoever decides to adopt her.

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