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This Dog Breed Is One Of The Rarest In The United States. These Are The 10 Cutest Field Spaniels!

October 12, 2017

Field Spaniels are a magnificent dog breed who were on the brink of extinction in the 1910s. This spectacular breed was the victim of showing. When dogs become popular in show dog circuits, breeders tend to overdo the traits that are causing them to win at the shows - like a German Shepherd and their extremely sloped back or how Bulldog’s faces are so much more scrunched up. Sadly, Field Spaniels fell victim to that as well, and when people began to realize how horrible the traits were, the breeders dropped it and people stopped caring. Thanks to a handful of breeders who were determined to restore the dog to its former glory, it’s still around for us all today.

The Field Spaniel is a loving and gentle companion, great with their families, and amazingly sweet. Not only do they have charming personalities, they are also gorgeous to look at! That’s why we’ve gathered the Top Ten Cutest Field Spaniels!

1. This little Field Spaniel pup you just want to cuddle!

2. This sleepy pup who loves to lounge on the couch

3. This adorable litter of Field Spaniel puppies who love to explore

4. This gorgeous Field Spaniel with the curliest hair ever!

5. This handsome boy who loves to be outside every chance he gets

6. These gorgeous boys who love to relax at the beach after a long week

7. This dapper pup who loves the feel of the sand between his toes

8. This beautiful couple who are definitely prepared to be famous models

9. This mesmerizing Field Spaniel whose chest looks so incredibly soft

10. This energetic Field Spaniel who loves nothing more than to race through, well, a field!

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