This Girl's Rendition Of "Hallelujah" Is Made Unforgettable By The Most Unexpected Prop [VIDEO]

June 07, 2017


For years, my favorite song has been "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. I can still remember the first time I heard the famous song; I was having a sleepover at my cousin's house and the song came on from the other room. As soon as I heard it, I immediately stopped what I was doing and walked over my to aunt's radio. I was captivated by the beautiful melody and the peaceful lyrics. Since then, it's been my favorite song. 

The memorable melody has been heard uncountable times and is known and loved by nearly all who hear it. A world- wide anthem, this song was made gorgeous again by college student, Tiffany Day, on a trip to Spoleto, Italy. 

Tiffany and her choir group were visiting Spoleto, Italy when the choir students found a well. After spending time in the romantic country of Italy, the choir was inspired by the simplicity and raw beauty of Spoleto. The international trip consisted of days of travel and fun impromptu performances. And since it was a group of collegiate choir students, you can bet some raw talent came out of those performances. When a group of students found a well with stellar acoustics, that's when the magic happened. 

Students were taking turns singing into the age- old well, but it wasn't until Tiffany Day stepped up that someone started recording. Tiffany was recorded casually singing the song. While there was nothing obviously glamorous about the moment, the sound that emerged from the depths of the well put instant goosebumps on all who were in earshot. 

Tiffany has always had a passion for music. She writes her own music, sings and plays the guitar, piano, and the violin (Wow!). Her passions find their way onto her YouTube page where she shares videos with more than 45,000 subscribers. While she loves music and immerses herself in the art as often as possible, she was recently considering a change in career paths towards being an engineer. But, after her viral cover of "Hallelujah," the small town girl is rethinking her future.

Since posting the video, her subscription base is scaling new heights as people are discovering the beauty of her simple and beautiful song. This momentum has encouraged her to pursue solely music. And with her gifts, I hope she does! The ancient acoustics of this Italian well made for a beautiful melodic experience and I am so grateful that someone was able to capture the magic of the moment. 

Check out the video below to hear the most beautiful rendition of this moving song!